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iTunes Agent 1.5

is a great music player and organizer and is made to synchonize with ipods
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iTunes Agent is a great application for iTunes users. It is a well known fact that iTunes is a great application for managing your music and syncing your library to your iPod. It is also known that the iPod can only be synced using iTunes, and that iTunes only works with iPods. It is sort of a vicious circle. iTunes agent allows you to stay with iTunes and use it with your non-iPod MP3, walkman or other mobile device. iTunes agent will sit on your tray and constantly scan for devices that are supported and can function as a device in iTunes. When it detects one, it will add a new playlist to your playlist menu in iTunes. You can even create a party shuffle playlist for a specific device. Thus, you will always have new music on that device when you connect to the computer. In short, the application does an excellent job of making iTunes even more usable than it already is, and adds support for several other devices that are otherwise not supported by the application, making synchronization with devices as quick as a two click process.

José Fernández
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